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ICUDDR Virtual Conference

Sustaining and Adapting Addiction Science to Virtual Realities

20-21 July 2021

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ICUDDR Virtual Conference 20-21 July 2021

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New Networking Sessions Added

Conference Announcement!

We are incredibly excited to announce our illustrious keynote speakers:

Photo of Dean Fixsen
Dean Fixsen, PhD, is an implementation scientist. He spent decades successfully replicating, developing, evaluating and scaling up supports and those became the foundations of the Active Implementation Frameworks (AIF). He led a comprehensive review and synthesis of the interdisciplinary implementation research literature in 2003-2005 that added to the evidence base for the AIF. Since then Dean has led proactive use of AIF methods and measures to establish and study the development of implementation capacity in human service systems. He is the Director of the Active Implementation Research Network, Inc.

Photo of Leonel Morgado
Leonel Morgado is an Associate Professor with Habilitation, at Universidade Aberta (Portuguese Open University), a public university focusing on e-learning, where he lectures on programming and the use of virtual worlds, and develops his research at INESC TEC, a research laboratory rated as Excellent by the national research assessment authorities. He is also the Vice-President for Scientific Quality at Immersive Learning Research Network (iLRN).

Panel Presentations

Panel - ICUDDR in Action
Panel - Research Based Practices in Education
Panel - Sustaining Addiction Science Education During COVID-19
Panel - Development of remote tools, skills assessment strategies, training and supervision in the field of addictions and mental health
Panel - Spanish: Desarrollo de herramientas remotas
Panel - Adapting the science of addictions to virtual realities
Panel - Spanish: Adaptando la ciencia de las addicionnes a las realidades virtuales
Panel - Prevention Workforce Development Strategies in Paraguay
Panel - Spanish: Estrategias de desarrallo de la fuerza laboral en Paraguay
Panel - Training implementation on substance use disorders in Paraguay
Panel - Spanish: Implementacion de  formacion sobre trastornos por uso de sustancias de Paraguay
Panel - Students Experience of Higher Learning During COVID-19
Panel - New Beginnings and Lessons Learned

Master Classes

Master Class - How to Inform Policy and Decision Makers about Evidence Based Substance Use Policy and Prevention
Master Class - Gamification of Education
Master Class - Preventing Drug Misuse Among College Students
Master Class - Estructura del tratamiento de activacion conductual con estudiantes universitarios
Master Class - Ensenanza interactiva en una plataforma virtual