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"Review of Alternatives to Incarceration Efforts Worldwide," a Diplomacy Lab ProjectWebsiteThis past Spring, graduate students from John Jay College of Criminal Justice completed a semester-long research assignment in partnership with the Department of State’s Diplomacy...Case Study, Evaluation, Research
15 Key Buprenorphine Dosing Recommendations for Jail-Based Treatment ProgramsPosterCorrections staff cite diversion of medication for opioid use disorder (MOUD) (e.g., buprenorphine) as a reason for not offering treatment with these medications in jails...Evidence-Based Practices, Program Implementation, Research, Treatment
2023 ICUDDR Global Conference RecordingsConferenceView Plenary and Symposia presented at the 2023 ICUDDR Global Conference in Chiang Mai, Thailand.Advocacy / Policy, Evidence-Based Practices, Prevention, Program Implementation, Research, Treatment
A Guide to SAMHSA's Strategic Prevention FrameworkReportsPrevention
A neuromarker for drug and food craving distinguishes drug users from non-usersJournal ArticleAcross three functional magnetic resonance imaging studies (n = 99), we used machine learning to identify a cross-validated neuromarker that predicts self-reported intensity of cue-induced drug and...Research
A qualitative study of experiences with physical activity among people receiving opioid agonist therapyJournal ArticleThis study examines the use of exercise interventions to improve the health and well-being of those undergoing opioid agonist therapy. The sample is made up of...Research, Treatment
A retrospective cohort study to assess the dropout rates and its predictors in Ho Chi Minh City’s methadone maintenance program using a stringent criterionJournal ArticleHeroin use is a significant health and social issue in Vietnam. Although there was a substantial increase in the proportion of users of newer opioids...Case Study, Research
A roadblock to life-saving addiction treatment is gone. Now what?OtherAdvocacy / Policy
A systematic review of the use of the Consolidated Framework for Implementation Research(CFIR)Journal ArticleCFIR is one of the most widely used theoretical frameworks in implementation science. It helps understand the barriers and facilitators for implementing evidence-based practices. This...Evidence-Based Practices, Program Implementation
Academic Programs in Drug Treatment and Prevention at Paraguayan UniversitiesVideoThis video is a recording of a webinar on January 31, 2020 where presenters Diana Lesme Romero, Ph.D., Maria Cecilia Munoz Perez, MSc. and Graciela...Case Study, Prevention, Program Implementation, Treatment
Academic Programs on Addiction Studies in the PhilippinesPresentation SlidesAcademic programs on addiction studies in PhilippinesProgram Implementation
Access to Drug Treatment Services in Nigeria: The Challenge of Addiction WorkforceVideoRecording of Dr. Chia Francis' webinar. Case Study, Program Implementation
Adaptación e implementación remota de una intervención de prevención familiarVideoAdaptación e implementación remota de una intervención de prevención familiar: Conexión familiar de Lions Quest en respuesta a la pandemia Fernando Salazar, PhD, Profesor Principal,...Program Implementation
Adaptation of the Tele-Harm Reduction intervention to promote initiation and retention in buprenorphine treatment among people who inject drugs: a retrospective cohort studyJournal ArticleAt the start of the pandemic, relaxation of buprenorphine prescribing regulations created an opportunity to create new models of medications for opioid use disorder (MOUD)...Research, Treatment
Addiction Study Internship PlacePresentation SlidesIntership opportunity in ThailandCase Study, Program Implementation
Addiktologie Special EditionJournal ArticleThis special edition of the journal Addiktologie has articles on program development from multiple countries.Case Study, Program Implementation
Addressing Burnout in the Behavioral Health Workforce through Organizational StrategiesToolsBurnout is a complex issue resulting from chronic workplace stress that encompasses exhaustion, depersonalization, and reduced personal accomplishment. This guide will highlight organization-level interventions to...Program Implementation, Research
Addressing Compassion Fatigue and Promoting Self Care Strategies for Substance Use Service ProfessionalsOtherWebinar Presented on Tuesday, December 8, 2020 by: Beth Rutkowski, MPH, UCLA Integrated Substance Abuse Programs/Pacific Southwest ATTC Nancy Roget, MS, UNR Center for the...Treatment
Addressing Motivation for Change: Intro to Motivational InterviewingPresentation SlidesMaster class training including the essential tools of MI, METTreatment
Addressing Substance Use and Social Needs of People of Color with Substance Use DisordersPamphlet or Fact SheetTreatment
Adolescent and adult time trends in US hallucinogen use, 2002–19: any use, and use of ecstasy, LSD and PCPJournal ArticleHallucinogen use is potentially harmful. Information on whether such use has increased in recent decades is lacking. This study assessed overall and age-specific time trends...Research
Adolescent Brain Cognitive Development (ABCD)OtherAdolescent Brain Cognitive Development (ABCD) Gaya J. Dowling, Ph.D. Director, ABCD Project Division of Extramural Research, NIDAResearch
Adolescent SBIRT Learner's GuideToolsThe Adolescent SBIRT Learner’s Guide is a 300+ page comprehensive manual for educators and trainers, practitioners, and students to learn to conduct Screening, Brief Intervention and Referral...Evidence-Based Practices, Program Implementation, Treatment
Adolescent Substance Use Outcomes in Response to Social Consequences of Use: The Role of EmpathyJournal Article
Advances in animal models of prenatal opioid exposureJournal ArticleThis article discusses advancements in animal models for prenatal opioid exposure. Specifically, using various opioid types and different durations of prenatal opioid exposure.Research
Adverse Childhood Experiences Are Associated With History of Overdose Among Patients Presenting for Outpatient Addiction CareJournal ArticleAdverse childhood experiences (ACEs) are associated with mental health issues and substance use. Having a substance use disorder increases the risk of overdose (OD). Research on ACEs...Research, Treatment
Advisory: Cannabidiol (CBD) – Potential Harms, Side Effects, and UnknownsPamphlet or Fact SheetThis advisory introduces readers to cannabidiol (CBD), how it is derived, and how it differs from delta-9 THC and other cannabinoids. The advisory focuses on...Prevention, Research, Treatment
Advisory: Expanding Implementation of Mental Health Awareness Training in the WorkplaceToolsThe Mental Health Awareness Training (MHAT) advisory will promote the implementation of MHATs by targeting the workplace more broadly, from traditional settings to places in...Program Implementation
Alcohol and Substance Use Prevention in Africa: Systematic Scoping ReviewPosterAlcohol and Substance Use Prevention in Africa: Systematic Scoping ReviewResearch
Alcohol Misuse and Gun Violence: An Evidence-based Approach to State Policy ReportsCo-authored with the Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Violence Solutions, this report offers a set of state-based policy recommendations to address the intersection of alcohol...Advocacy / Policy, Evidence-Based Practices, Prevention
Alcohol Packaging As a Promotional Tool: A Focus Group Study With Young Adult Drinkers in ScotlandJournal ArticleLittle research has been conducted on consumer perceptions of alcohol packaging as a marketing tool. The aim of this study was to explore how young...Research
Alcohol policy changes during the first three-months of the COVID-19 pandemic: Development and application of a classification schemeJournal ArticleThis article examines alcohol-related policy decisions made during the first three months of the Covid-19 pandemic. The authors explored policies in Australia/New South Wales, Canada/Ontario, Chile,...Advocacy / Policy, Prevention, Research, Treatment
Alcohol Use Disorders Identification TestToolsThe AUDIT is designed as a self-screening tool for alcohol consumption and identify any implications for the person’s health and well-being, now and in the...
Alternatives to Conviction or Punishment Available for People Who Use Drugs and with Drug Use Disorders in Contact with the Criminal Justice SystemOtherReport produced with African Union and UNODCAdvocacy / Policy, Prevention
An emergency-department-initiated outreach program for patients with opioid use disorder is associated with an increase in agonist therapy and engagement in addictions care: a one-year cohort studyJournal ArticleThis article evaluates an emergency department community outreach program's impact on engagement with care among OUD patients.Evaluation, Research, Treatment
An inhibitory brainstem input to dopamine neurons encodes nicotine aversionJournal ArticleNicotine stimulates the dopamine (DA) system, which is essential for its rewarding effect. Nicotine is also aversive at high doses; yet, our knowledge about nicotine’s...Research
Analysis of factors influencing substance use craving among Chinese substance usersJournal ArticleResearch
Anderson, 2014 Engaging with Massive Online CoursesJournal ArticleAbstract: The Web has enabled one of the most visible recent developments in education—the deployment of massive open online courses. With their global reach and often...Program Implementation, Research
Angelino, 2007 Strategies to Engage Online Students and Reduce Attrition RatesJournal ArticleAbstract: Attrition continues to be a major issue in higher education. Attrition rates for classes taught through distance education are 10 – 20% higher than classes...Program Implementation, Research
Anti-Discrimination Policies Reduce Binge Drinking for LGBTQ YouthOtherResearch
Are we doing what is necessary to prevent and reduce alcohol consumption?Journal ArticleThis study reviews recent literature and discusses trends in alcohol consumption in Mexico, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. It then discusses what is being done...Prevention
As overdoses soar in rural America, more clinicians are prescribing addiction medicationsOther
ASAM COVID-19 ResourcesWebsiteThis website has resources such as guidance for continuing to care for people with substance use disorders during the pandemic.Program Implementation, Treatment
Association Between Buprenorphine Treatment Gaps, Opioid Overdose, and Health Care Spending in US Medicare Beneficiaries With Opioid Use DisorderJournal ArticleIn this case-control study of 34?505 Medicare beneficiaries, patients had greater risk of experiencing an opioid overdose and had higher health care expenditures in buprenorphine...Research, Treatment
Association between clinical measures of unhealthy alcohol use and subsequent year hospital admissions in a primary care populationJournal ArticleScreening for unhealthy alcohol use in primary care may help identify patients at risk for negative health outcomes. This study examined the associations between 1)...Research, Treatment
Association Between Parental Supply of Alcohol and Later Adolescent Alcohol Use in a Highly Permissive ContextJournal ArticleMany children and adolescents get their first experience with alcohol in a family setting. Evidence suggests that parental supply of alcohol is a risk factor...Research
Association of Cannabis Use With Cardiovascular Outcomes Among US AdultsJournal ArticleThis article looks at the relationship between cannabis use and cardiovascular outcomes among never-smokers, youth, and the general population in the US.Prevention, Research
Association of Fatal Overdose Notification Letters With Prescription of Benzodiazepines Secondary Analysis of a Randomized Clinical TrialJournal ArticleIn a randomized clinical trial (NCT02790476), Doctor et al1 studied the effect of notifying physicians of a patient’s fatal drug overdose within 12 months of a...Research
Association of Pregnancy and Insurance Status With Treatment Access for Opioid Use DisorderJournal ArticleIn this cross-sectional study with random assignment of clinicians and simulated-patient callers, callers representing pregnant women were less likely than callers representing nonpregnant women to...Research, Treatment
Behavioral and neurocognitive factors distinguishing post-traumatic stress comorbidity in substance use disordersJournal ArticleSignificant trauma histories and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) are common in persons with substance use disorders (SUD) and often associate with increased SUD severity and...Research, Treatment
Bibliometric Analysis of Alcohol and Substance Use Prevention Research in AfricaJournal ArticleThis study was designed to give a bibliometric overview of research productivity in alcohol and substance use prevention in Africa as a response to international...Prevention, Research
Bibliometric analysis of alcohol and substance use prevention research in AfricaPosterBibliometric analysis of alcohol and substance use prevention research in AfricaResearch
Blueprints for Healthy Youth DevelopmentWebsiteBlueprints for Healthy Youth Development is a project within the Institute of Behavioral Science at the University of Colorado Boulder. The Blueprints mission is to provide a registry...Advocacy / Policy, Evaluation, Prevention, Program Implementation, Research, Treatment
Building Compassion Fatigue Resilience: Awareness, Prevention, and Intervention for Pre-Professionals and Current PractitionersJournal ArticleCompassion fatigue (CF), or the extreme stress and burnout from helping others, is widely considered to be harmful to professional well-being. Due to a lack...Program Implementation
Building Strength and Resilience during the COVID 19 Pandemic A Focus on Parents with Substance UseOtherHendree Jones, Professor UNC Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology and Executive Director UNC Horizons presents on work developed in summer 2020 regarding helping parents cope.Treatment
Building Trauma Informed Treatment in Clinical Practice: A Curriculum for Addictions and Mental Health Students and CounselorsPresentation SlidesThe effect of trauma in addiction, need to be trauma informed, curricula in useCase Study, Treatment
Buprenorphine Dispensing Among Youth Aged =19 Years in the United States: 2015–2020Journal ArticleOpioid related overdose among adolescents and young adults in the United States is rising. Medications for opioid use disorder (MOUD), including buprenorphine can reduce the...Advocacy / Policy, Treatment
Buprenorphine may be safer than methadone for opioid use disorder in pregnancyOtherResearch
Cannabidiol Compared to Pharmacological Treatment as Usual for Crack Use Disorder: A Feasibility, Preliminary Efficacy, Parallel, Double-Blind, Randomized Clinical TrialJournal ArticleCannabidiol (CBD) has been studied for substance use disorders treatment due to its anxiolytic effects, for sleep, appetite, reduction of craving, and maintenance of abstinence....Treatment
Cannabis use and attenuated positive and negative symptoms in youth at clinical high risk for psychosisJournal ArticleCannabis use is more prevalent among youth at clinical high-risk (CHR) for psychosis than healthy controls (HC). There is mixed evidence as to whether cannabis use...Research
CBD and its Usage to Treat Anxiety in School-Age Children: What Parents Need To KnowJournal ArticleThe demanding and hectic nature of modern-day life contains a formidable amount of stress-inducing circumstances. As engaging, hard-working members of society, we accept stress as...Prevention, Research, Treatment
CDC Clinical Practice Guideline for Prescribing Opioids for PainWebsiteThis guideline provides recommendations for clinicians providing pain care, including those prescribing opioids, for outpatients aged ≥18 years. It updates the CDC Guideline for Prescribing...Treatment
Center for Prevention Implementation MethodologyWebsiteThis website has lots of information on implementation. It is focused on prevention of drug use and HIV, but since it is about implementing programs,...Program Implementation
Changes in Traffic Crash Rates After Legalization of Marijuana: Results by Crash SeverityJournal ArticleThe objective of this study was to estimate the effects of marijuana legalization and the subsequent onset of retail sales on injury and fatal traffic...Evaluation, Research
Changing Minds About Overdose PreventionJournal ArticlePrevention sites are proven to reduce opioid overdose deaths. Psychologists’ research is identifying ways to increase public support for these lifesaving centers. Evidence-Based Practices, Treatment
Changing the Way We View Opioid ReceptorsJournal ArticleNewly published research from a team of international scientists offers new insight on how opioid receptors work to regulate chemical communication in the brain, a...Research
Childhood Trauma, Emotional Awareness, and Neural Correlates of Long-Term Nicotine SmokingJournal ArticleTemporal dynamic measures provide insight into the neurobiological properties of nicotine use. It is critical to determine whether brain-based measures are associated with substance use...Research
Chronicle of Higher Education Advice Section: Are You Writing?WebsiteThis series of articles is helpful advice to get academic faculty and student to better focus on their writing with concrete and sensible advice.Prevention, Research, Treatment
Clinical trials in Global HealthWebsiteThis web version of the Lancet/Global Health has links to open access articles about difficulties in conducting global research. It also has articles that suggest...Research
Co-occurrence of mental illness and substance use among US pregnant individuals, 2012-2021Journal ArticleThis study looks at the rates of substance use among pregnant individuals with mental illness.Research
Co-Occurring Disorders Lecture, Igor Koutsenok, MD - October 2020VideoTreatment
Cognitive dysfunction in adolescents with substance use disorderJournal Article
Collaboration Among Universities and Other Organizations in West AfricaWebinarWatch the recording of this informative session offered by ICUDDR’s Africa Coordinating Center. With moderation by Dr. Rania Mamdouh, Professor Moses Audu and Dr. Olajumoke...Case Study, Evidence-Based Practices, Program Implementation
College Prescription Drug Study 2022: Key FindingsReportsResearch
Combined Pharmacotherapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Adults With Alcohol or Substance Use Disorders A Systematic Review and Meta-analysisJournal ArticleThe present study supports the efficacy of combined CBT and pharmacotherapy compared with usual care and pharmacotherapy. Cognitive behavioral therapy did not perform better than...Evidence-Based Practices, Research, Treatment
Community Engagement: An Essential Component of an Effective and Equitable Substance Use Prevention SystemToolsCommunity engagement is often cited as a tool to improve the health of the community and its members. This guide will review evidence related to...Program Implementation
Comorbidites in Drug Use DisordersJournal ArticleThis Conference Room Paper was prepared by UNODC following the Note Verbale CU 2017/286/DO/DHB/PTRS on comorbidities in drug use disorders.   Research
Comparison of brain nicotine uptake from electronic cigarettes and combustible cigarettesJournal ArticleBrain accumulation rate and magnitude are critical for the acute reinforcing effects of nicotine. Despite electronic cigarettes’ (E-cigs) appeal as substitutes for traditional combustible cigarettes...Research
Concordance between controlled substance receipt and post-mortem toxicology in opioid-detected overdose deaths: A statewide analysisJournal ArticleOpioid overdoses are a leading cause of preventable death in the United States. There is limited research linking decedents’ receipt of controlled substances and presence...Advocacy / Policy, Prevention
Concordance between substance use self-report and hair analysis in community-based adolescentsJournal ArticleResearch
Concurrent use of opioids and stimulants and risk of fatal overdose: A cohort studyJournal ArticleStimulant use has been rising among people with opioid use disorder in recent years in North America, alongside a parallel rise in illicit drug toxicity...Research
Consumer Guide: How Can a Peer Specialist Support My Recovery From Problematic Substance Use? For People Seeking RecoveryBrochureThis new consumer guide offers people with past or current problematic substance use a straightforward exploration of the roles, values, and work environments of professional...Treatment
Converting Adults with Sickle Cell Disease from Full Agonist Opioids to Buprenorphine: A Reliable Method with Safety and Early Evidence of Reduced Acute Care UtilizationJournal ArticleBuprenorphine, a novel opioid with complex pharmacology, is effective for treating pain and is qualitatively safer than high dose full agonist opioid therapy; but transitioning...Treatment
Coronavirus COVID-19 Global Cases by the Center for Systems and Engineering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins University (JHU)Website
Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreakWebsiteWorld Health Organization (WHO) latest updates
Cost-effectiveness of office-based buprenorphine treatment for opioid use disorderJournal ArticleAim:  To assess the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of office-based buprenorphine treatment (OBBT) in the U.S. Findings For a cohort of 100,000 untreated individuals who enter...Research
COVID-19 Coping Toolkit ToolsA COVID-19 Coping Toolkit for Parents and Caregivers in Recovery
COVID-19 disrupting mental health services in most countries, WHO surveyPrint Media (i.e. newsletter or bulletin)
COVID-19 Vaccine FAQsWebsiteFor information on the COVID-19 vaccines in several languages, visit the UCLA Asian American Studies Center to access their fact sheets available in many Asian languages, as...
CPDD Travel Awards Other
Creating Persuasive Evidence-Based, Anti-Substance Use Media MessagesPresentation SlidesMass media attempts at prevention of psychotropic substance use have been irregular in their results.Prevention
Critical Care Medicine - ICU ReachWebsiteICU REACH is an educational website designed to help critical care professionals stay connected, learn, and educate one another. We strive to provide the highest...
CTN Dissemination LibraryWebsiteYou can access lots of articles from this website funded by the US National Institute of Drug Abuse. If you can't find an open access...Prevention, Research, Treatment
Cultural Adaptation and Validation of the Urdu Version of the Cognitive Emotion Regulation Questionnaire (CERQ) in Male Patients With Substance Use Disorders (SUDs) in PakistanJournal ArticleThis study aims to translate and adapt the CERQ into the Urdu language and to determine its reliability and convergent validity in a sample of...Evaluation, Research
Currículo de Tratamiento Universal (UTC)CourseEstas capacitaciones le brindarán una descripción general integral de la naturaleza del cambio y una comprensión del proceso y los elementos del tratamiento y la...Program Implementation, Treatment
DARA: Drug and Alcohol Rehab AsisPresentation SlidesDARA and Mahidol University - treatment experience in AsiaProgram Implementation
Data on Clients Receiving Mental Health Treatment Services Through State Mental Health AgenciesJournal ArticleMental Health Client-Level Data (MH-CLD) 2022: Data on Clients Receiving Mental Health Treatment Services Through State Mental Health Agencies annual report presents the total number...Treatment
Deaths from Excessive Alcohol Use — United States, 2016–2021ReportsThis report discusses the increase in deaths attributed to excessive alcohol use. It looks especially at the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic.
Decolonizing Mental HealthReportsAdvocacy / Policy
Delta-8, Delta-10, HHC, THC-O, THCP, and THCV: What Should We Call These Products?Journal ArticleResearch is needed to better understand the comparative risk of using different kinds of derived psychoactive cannabis products. Relatedly, research is needed to better understand...Research
Depression & anxiety symptoms linked to vaping nicotine and THC in teens and young adultsReportsResearch
Detection of Alcohol Intoxication Using Voice Features: A Controlled Laboratory StudyJournal ArticleDevices such as mobile phones and smart speakers could be useful to remotely identify voice alterations associated with alcohol intoxication that could be used to...Research
Determinants and prevalence of relapse among patients with substance use disorders: case of Icyizere Psychotherapeutic CentreJournal ArticleRelapse to substance use after successful detoxication and rehabilitation is a public health concern worldwide. this study aimed to examine the prevalence and the factors...Research
Developing Novel Therapies for Stimulant Use DisorderVideo"Through a cooperative agreement with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, this public workshop will examine the complexities of stimulant use disorder with a focus...Research
Developing the Addiction Workforce in Africa: Progress and IssuesWebinarICUDDR and ISSUP are pleased to present our Webinar on Developing the Addiction Workforce in Africa. The aim of this Webinar is to share the...Case Study, Evaluation, Program Implementation
Developing university -based DDR academic programs for resource constrained countriesVideoBeatrice Kathungu, Kenyatta University, presents on how they developed a new post graduate diploma program in drug demand reduction for her university in Nairobi, Kenya.Case Study, Program Implementation
Development of the Addiction Treatment Workforce in Ukraine by the Ukraine Addiction Technology Transfer CenterJournal ArticleThe high prevalence of HIV and substance use disorders (SUD) in Ukraine remains a significant public health problem. A well-trained, recovery-oriented national workforce to enhance...Advocacy / Policy, Program Implementation, Treatment
Different risk factors are associated with alcohol use versus problematic use in male Pakistani adolescentsJournal ArticleSubstance abuse is a significant problem in Pakistan (Hussain, 2017), yet, there are few studies of risk factors in this population, particularly in remote areas. The...Prevention, Research
Digital Network EducationPresentation SlidesProgram Implementation
Disposable E-Cigarette Use and Subsequent Use Patterns in Adolescents and Young AdultsJournal ArticleThis article discusses the relationship between disposable e-cigarette use and future e-cigarette use among youth and young adults in Southern California.Prevention
Diversifying and enriching theoretical approaches to the interdisciplinary study of alcohol and other drug useJournal ArticleAmy Pennay & Cameron Duff (2022) Diversifying and enriching theoretical approaches to the interdisciplinary study of alcohol and other drug use, Drugs: Education, Prevention and Policy, DOI: 10.1080/09687637.2022.2130176Research
Dixon, 2010 Creating effective student engagement in online courses: What do students find engaging?Journal ArticleAbstract: While this paper set out to discover what activities and/or interaction channels might be expected to lead to more highly engaged students, what it...Program Implementation, Research
Does Bail Reform Increase Crime in New York StateJournal ArticleIn 2019, New York State passed bail reform legislation that limited the use of money bail and expanded pretrial release. The bail reform law took...Advocacy / Policy, Research
Does substance use compromise depression treatment in persons with HIV? Findings from a randomized controlled trial.Journal ArticleAbstract  Depression and substance use are significant obstacles to effective HIV care. Using data derived from a randomized controlled trial of persons with HIV who...Research
Drug Overdose Deaths in Adults Aged 65 and Over: United States, 2000–2020Pamphlet or Fact SheetThis data brief report presents age-adjusted trends in drug overdose death rates, including trends in the type of opioid drug involved, for adults aged 65...Research
Drug-Free AfricaWebsiteDrug Addiction Free Africa (DAFA) is a not-for-profit organization formalized in Uganda to offer the potential for Africa to implement substance use prevention, treatment, and recovery...Advocacy / Policy, Prevention, Research, Treatment
Dual action of ketamine confines addiction liabilityJournal ArticleKetamine is used clinically as an anaesthetic and a fast-acting antidepressant, and recreationally for its dissociative properties, raising concerns of addiction as a possible side...Research
Economic Evaluations of Establishing Opioid Overdose Prevention Centers in 12 North American cities: A Systematic ReviewJournal ArticleThis article looks at the cost-effectiveness of Overdose Prevention Centers (OPCs) in the United States and Canada.Evaluation, Prevention
Education and training on addiction psychiatry in low and middle income countries: Observations from existing literature and recommendations going aheadJournal ArticleAddictive disorders are a significant contributor to the global burden of disease. The burden of addictive disorders in LMIC is expected to grow further over...Advocacy / Policy, Program Implementation, Research
Efectividad a Largo Plazo de la Terapia de Grupo Cognitivo-conductual del Alcoholismo: Impacto de la Patología Dual en el Resultado del TratamientoJournal ArticleEl objetivo de este estudio fue analizar el resultado del tratamiento cognitivo-conductual grupal llevado a cabo en un centro ambulatorio para el tratamiento de las...Research, Treatment
Effect of Risk Mitigation Guidance for opioid and stimulant dispensations on mortality and acute care visits during dual public health emergencies: retrospective cohort studyJournal ArticleObjective: To determine the effect of opioid and stimulant Risk Mitigation Guidance (RMG) dispensations on mortality and acute care visits during the dual public health...Research, Treatment
Effects of buprenorphine on opioid craving in comparison to other medications for opioid use disorder: A systematic review of randomized controlled trialsJournal ArticleCraving is a distressing symptom of opioid use disorder (OUD) that can be alleviated with medications for OUD (MOUD). Buprenorphine is an effective MOUD that...Research
Effects of Exercise on Depression, Anxiety, Cognitive Control, Craving, Physical Fitness and Quality of Life in Methamphetamine-Dependent PatientsJournal ArticleMethamphetamine (MA) abuse results in a variety of harmful changes in mood states and cognitive function, together with declined physical health and quality of life....Research, Treatment
Effects of the Communities that Heal (CTH) intervention on perceived opioid-related community stigma in the HEALing Communities Study: results of a multi-site, community-level, cluster-randomized trialJournal ArticleThis study evaluates the Communities that Heal program on its effectiveness to reduce community stigma around opioid use disorder.Evaluation, Evidence-Based Practices
Eficacia de las comunidades terapéuticas en el tratamiento de problemas por uso de sustancias psicoactivas: una revisión sistemáticaJournal ArticleExtender la revisión hecha por Smith et al. el 2006 y resumir la evidencia disponible actualmente respecto a la eficacia de las comunidades terapéuticas (CT)...Research
Enhancing your Addiction Education and Early CareerOtherPlease join us for our very first ISSUP-ICUDDR joint webinar! This session is for students and new addiction science professionals and will bring together a...Program Implementation, Research
Envisioning Minimally Disruptive Opioid Use Disorder CareJournal ArticleMost people who need and want treatment for opioid addiction cannot access it. Among those who do get treatment, only a fraction receive evidence-based, life-saving...Advocacy / Policy, Program Implementation, Treatment
Epidemiology of substance use and mental health disorders among forced migrants displaced from the MENAT region: A systematic review and meta-analysis protocolJournal ArticleBackground: Understanding the epidemiology of substance use disorders (SUDs) and mental health disorders (MHDs) among forced migrants from the Middle East and North Africa and...Research
Epigenome-wide association study on methamphetamine dependenceJournal ArticleThis study explores the relationship between methamphetamine use and epigenetic mechanisms among adults in Japan.Research
Estimating the Effects of Hypothetical Alcohol Minimum Unit Pricing Policies on Alcohol Use and Deaths: A State ExampleJournal ArticleObjective: Alcohol minimum unit pricing (MUP) policies establish a floor price beneath which alcohol cannot be sold. The potential effectiveness of MUP policies for reducing...Advocacy / Policy, Prevention
Evaluating the Quality of Training Programs: A framework crossing European standards on prevention and on elearningPresentation SlidesUsing the European standards in prevention and elearning to evaluate trainingsEvaluation
Evaluation of a student clinical research education program in addiction medicineJournal ArticleObjective: To evaluate an experiential student clinical addiction research program by analyzing its components, evaluation survey data, and scientific outputs. In 1995, we established a...Program Implementation, Research
Evaluation of real-world outcomes associated with use of a prescription digital therapeutic to treat substance use disordersJournal ArticleDigital therapeutics can expand the reach and fidelity of behavioral treatment for substance use disorders (SUDs). This analysis evaluated real-world engagement and clinical outcomes in...Research, Treatment
Evaluation of Trends in Alcohol Use Disorder–Related Mortality in the US Before and During the COVID-19 Pandemic/Evaluación de tendencias en la mortalidad relacionada con el trastorno por consumo de alcohol en Estados Unidos, antes y durante la pandeJournal ArticleThe US mortality rate has surged during the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, it is imperative to identify diseases and health conditions that have been affected disproportionately....Research
Evidence-Based Teaching: How to Develop, Deliver, and Evaluate Effective Substance Use CurriculaWebsiteThis lecture is part of the Provider Clinical Support System (PCSS) a project funded by the U.S. government to improve medical education on addiction. it...Program Implementation
Examining associations between MDMA/ecstasy and classic psychedelic use and impairments in social functioning in a U.S. adult sampleJournal ArticleImpairment in social functioning is a common source of morbidity across many mental health disorders, yet there is a dearth of effective and easily implemented...Research
Examining the benefit of a higher maintenance dose of extended-release buprenorphine in opioid-injecting participants treated for opioid use disorder Journal ArticleThis is a secondary analysis of a randomized, double-blind study comparing 100 mg and 300 mg maintenance doses of extended-release buprenorphine (BUP-XR). All patients (n=311)...Research, Treatment
Examining the Use of Braided Funding for Substance Use Disorder ServicesReportsThis report examines the use of braided funding models for substance use disorder services in the US. It encourages finding a path to program sustainability....Case Study, Program Implementation, Treatment
Examining the Use of Braided Funding for Substance Use Disorder Services WebinarWebinarThis webinar goes over the report, "Examining the Use of Braided Funding for Substance Use Disorder Services".   Case Study, Program Implementation, Treatment
Example of developing a national addiction institutional infrastructureJournal ArticleCase Study
Example of university implementation of UPCJournal ArticleObjective: Comprehensive bachelor's, master's, and doctorate-level curricula of Addiction Studies (Addictology) were developed and implemented at Charles University (First Faculty of Medicine) between 2003 and 2012....Case Study
Expanding Access to and Use of Behavioral Health Services for People At Risk for or Experiencing HomelessnessPrint Media (i.e. newsletter or bulletin)This guide highlights strategies for behavioral health and housing providers to conduct outreach and engage with individuals experiencing homelessness, initiate use of behavioral health treatment...Advocacy / Policy
Expanding access to medications for opioid use disorder through locally-initiated implementation Journal ArticleAccess to evidence-based treatment including medication treatment for opioid use disorder (MOUD) remains a global challenge. A wide array of implementation strategies have guided efforts...Treatment
Explora H: Una intervención de bajo costo para la prevención en salud mental Journal ArticleWith the presence of alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use among adolescents in our country and across Latin America, the increase of supplements has resulted...Prevention, Research
Exploring Gender and Ethnoracial Differences and Trends in Methamphetamine TreatmentJournal ArticleGiven the significant rise in methamphetamine use and related mortality in the United States, it is critical to explore differences in treatment trends with particular...Treatment
Exploring indicators of natural recovery from alcohol and drug use problems: findings from the life in recovery survey in FlandersJournal ArticleThis article explores the concept of natural recovery through online cross-sectional survey of people in recovery from alcohol or drug use problems in Flanders.  Treatment
Facing the future of substance use disorders treatment in Vietnam – A case study for international development and cooperationJournal ArticleAbstract Vietnam made progress transitioning from a criminal justice to a health treatment response for substance use disorders (SUD) in recent years. This case study...Treatment
FACT SHEET: The President’s Budget: Extending Medicare Solvency by 25 Years or More, Strengthening Medicare, and Lowering Health Care CostsPamphlet or Fact SheetAdvocacy / Policy
Fatal Drug Overdoses Among U.S. Seniors Have Tripled Since 2000OtherResearch
FDA warns about the risk of xylazine exposure in humansPamphlet or Fact SheetThe United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is communicating to health care professionals about serious risks associated with xylazine exposure in humans and considerations...Treatment
Fogarty International Center ProgramsOtherThe Fogarty International Center at the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) is dedicated to advancing the NIH mission by supporting and facilitating global health research conducted...
Gambling AddictionWebinarThis webinar took place on December 7, 2022 and was organised by the ICUDDR Asia-Pacific Training Committee. Dr. Devin Mills, Assistant Professor, Texas Tech University,...
Getting Candid: Framing the Conversation Around Youth Substance Use PreventionToolsGetting Candid: Framing the Conversation Around Youth Substance Use Prevention is an online toolkit designed to support providers in their ongoing and important work of...Prevention
Global addiction university education: a survey of members of International Consortium of Universities for Drug Demand Reduction (ICUDDR)Journal ArticleQuality education is needed for providing quality addiction care. There are addiction university-based programmes worldwide, differing in their characteristics leading to different profiles. The ICUDDR...Prevention
Global Civil Society Report for the 2024 midterm review of the Commision on Narcotic DrugsReportsThe Vienna & New York NGO Committees on Drugs are pleased to present the global civil society report for the 2024 mid-term review of the...Evaluation, Research
Global Report on Cocaine 2023Pamphlet or Fact SheetGlobal production of cocaine has jumped dramatically over the past two years following an initial slowdown caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a new...Advocacy / Policy, Research
Harm reduction resourcesWebsiteThis website separates the science from the myths regarding effective harm reduction strategies. It has training materials and case studies that may be useful if...Research, Treatment
Health Professions Faculty for the Future: Proceedings of a Workshop (2021)Print Media (i.e. newsletter or bulletin)National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine 2021. Health Professions Faculty for the Future: Proceedings of a Workshop. Washington, DC: The National Academies Press. Implementation
Hospital Standards of Care for People with Substance Use DisorderJournal ArticleFor the one in nine hospitalized U.S. adults who have SUD, hospital-based addiction care has critical health benefits. But most hospitals don’t offer such care....Research
Hospitalization Associated With Comorbid Psychiatric and Substance Use Disorders Among Adults With COVID-19 Treated in US Emergency Departments From April 2020 to August 2021Journal ArticleDuring the COVID-19 pandemic, US emergency department (ED) visits for psychiatric disorders (PDs) and drug overdoses increased. Psychiatric disorders and substance use disorders (SUDs) independently...Treatment
How have cannabis use and related indicators changed since legalization of cannabis for non-medical purposes? Results of the Canadian Cannabis Survey 2018–2022 Journal ArticleThis article examined various non-medical cannabis trends in Canada following legalization. The authors found an increase in non-medical cannabis use between 2018 and 2022, as...Evaluation, Research
How Many Recovery Attempts Does it Take to Successfully Resolve an Alcohol or Drug Problem? Estimates and Correlates From a National Study of Recovering U.S. AdultsJournal ArticleAlthough a robust literature exists on quit attempts in the tobacco field, little is known regarding patterns of cessation attempts related to alcohol, opioid, stimulant,...Research
How to Make Your Teaching Matter: Evidence-Based Teaching Strategies for Addiction ProfessionalsVideoJason Satterfield, PhD, Endowed Chair for Innovation in Teaching and Professor of Clinical Medicine at the University of California San Francisco discusses strategies to improve...Program Implementation, Treatment
ICUDDR Africa Meeting 2018VideoThis video includes presentations from Kenya and Nigeria from the first day of the ICUDDR track at the ISSUP meeting in Nairobi Kenya. The presentations...Program Implementation
ICUDDR Africa Meeting 2018 Second DayVideoThis video includes presentations from South Africa, Tanzania and Ghana as well as from Czech Republic. It covers information regarding program development and overcoming barriers...Program Implementation
ICUDDR Africa Region Conference Video Introduction to ICUDDRVideoThis video of Charles University Professor and ICUDDR president, Michal Miovsky, describes the rationale for ICUDDR to begin and the types of services and resources...Program Implementation
ICUDDR Global Conference 2021ConferenceRecordings of the 2021 ICUDDR Global Conference, held virtually. Advocacy / Policy, Evidence-Based Practices, Prevention, Program Implementation, Research, Treatment
Identification and Management of Mental Health Symptoms and Conditions Associated with Long COVIDReportsResearch
Impact of COVID-19 Telehealth Policy Changes on Buprenorphine Treatment for Opioid Use DisorderJournal ArticleThe authors examined the impact of COVID-19-related policies reducing barriers to telehealth delivery of buprenorphine treatment for opioid use disorder (OUD) on buprenorphine treatment across...Research, Treatment
Impact of Drug in MyanmarPresentation SlidesAnalysis of the impact of drug use in Myanmar.Research
Implementación de educación y capacitación para la reducción de la demanda de alcohol y drogas:Implementation ToolkitUna guía para el personal administrativo y las facultades universitariasAdvocacy / Policy, Evaluation, Prevention, Program Implementation, Research, Treatment
Implementation of an integrated infectious disease and substance use disorder team for injection drug use-associated infections: a qualitative study Journal ArticlePeople who inject drugs are not only vulnerable to infectious diseases but also face greater stigmatization as substance users. This becomes a barrier to seeking...Treatment
Implementation of the Higher Technician in Prevention of the Use of Psychoactive Substances CareerReportsThe Implementation of the Higher Technician in Prevention of the Use of Psychoactive Substances Career project has the objective of implementing an academic program to...Prevention, Research
Implementation Science in Addiction and Criminal Justice: Bridging the Gap Between Research and PracticeWebsiteAs presented for ICUDDR by Todd Molfenter, PhD on 6/17/2020Evaluation, Program Implementation, Research, Treatment
Implementing Alcohol and Drug Demand Reduction Education and Training: A Guide for University Administrators and FacultyImplementation ToolkitThis guide is the basis of our implementation tool kit. We will continue to add templates, case studies and example tools as time goes on....Advocacy / Policy, Evaluation, Prevention, Program Implementation, Research, Treatment
Importance of perceived social support for HIV/AIDS patients in Pakistan: a collectivist societyJournal ArticleThis study examines the moderating role of perceived social support from three sources, i.e., family, friends, and significant others, in reducing the impact of HIV...Research, Treatment
Improving Patient Access and RetentionPrint Media (i.e. newsletter or bulletin)Founded in 2003, the Network for the Improvement of Addiction Treatment (NIATx) works with addiction treatment and behavioral health care organizations to improve access to and retention in treatment for patients seeking help with substance abuse. NIATx is a division of the University of Wisconsin–Madison’s Center for Health Enhancement Systems Studies (CHESS).  If you are faced with issues such as getting patients into treatment or keeping them engaged long enough to reap the benefits of treatment, this information can help you.Advocacy / Policy, Evaluation, Evidence-Based Practices, Program Implementation, Research, Treatment
Improving the Addiction Treatment Workforce through a Structured Mentorship ProgramVideoPresented at the Lisbon Addictions Conference;  This session reviews an enhanced training approach for addiction treatment professionals that involves facilitated mentorship, using a new structured...Evaluation, Program Implementation
In utero exposure to cannabidiol disrupts select early-life behaviors in a sex-specific mannerJournal ArticleCannabidiol (CBD), one of the main components of cannabis, is generally considered safe. CBD crosses the placenta and its use during pregnancy is steadily increasing,...Research
Informed by Lived Experience: Recovery is PossibleWebinarThis informative and moving webinar features Keith Navarozza, Roxanne Kibben, and Michael Botticelli sharing their work as SUD professionals and their experiences in recovery.Advocacy / Policy, Evidence-Based Practices, Program Implementation, Treatment
Informing doctors of a patient overdose may help reduce the overprescription of opioidsReportsAdvocacy / Policy
Initiation of and Escalation to High-Intensity Drinking in Young AdultsJournal ArticleQuestion  When is high-intensity drinking (HID) (≥10 drinks in a row) initiated, who initiates earlier, and are earlier HID initiation of and speed of escalation to...Prevention, Research
Intended and unintended effects of e-cigarette taxes on youth tobacco useJournal ArticleOver the past decade, rising youth use of e-cigarettes and other electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS) has contributed to aggressive regulation by state and local...Advocacy / Policy, Prevention, Research
Interprofessional Education and Collaboration for Addiction Professionals Using Team-Based and Participatory ApproachesPresentation SlidesMaster Class: Basic principles of interprofessional education and interprofessional collaboration in the context of the addiction fieldProgram Implementation
Intersection of Addiction and Racism: A Curated BibliographyWebsiteThis annotated bibliography is a collection of resources related to racism, anti-racism and advancing health equity for Black, Indigenous and other People of Color and...Prevention, Treatment
Introducing the Retraction Watch Hijacked Journal CheckerWebsiteHijacked journals mimic legitimate journals by adopting their titles, ISSNs, and other metadata. Usually, hijacked journals mirror legitimate journals without permission from the original journal. Scholars can...Research
Introduction to Evidence-based preventionCourseOnline course in prevention science.  Attached are instructions.  Link is to register (free). Prevention
INVEST Drug Use and Addiction Research FellowshipOtherAnnual Application Deadline: October 1 Special Application Deadline: April 1 The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) International Program INVEST Drug Use and Addiction Research Fellowship combines...
Juvenile Drug Treatment CourtJournal ArticleAuthors: David M. Ledgerwood, Phillippe B. Cunningham This article explores Juvenile Drug Treatment Courts through a literature review. The review found mixed effectiveness and outlined...Evaluation, Treatment
Kauffman, 2014 A review of predictive factors of student success in and satisfaction with online learningJournal ArticleAbstract: Students perceive online courses differently than traditional courses. Negative perceptions can lead to unfavourable learning outcomes including decreased motivation and persistence. Throughout this review, a...Program Implementation, Research
Key substance use and mental health indicators in the United States: Results from the 2022 National Survey on Drug Use and HealthPamphlet or Fact SheetRead key findings from the 2022 National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH). This report highlights 2022 statistics on substance use, mental health, and...Case Study, Evaluation, Research
Legalization of recreational cannabis linked with increased alcohol drinking, study findsJournal ArticleStates that legalized recreational cannabis saw a slight population-level uptick in alcohol consumption that was largely driven by young adults and men, according to new...Research
Linking People with Opioid Use Disorder to Medication Treatment: A Technical Package of Policy, Programs, and PracticesOtherThis is a technical package from the CDC. A technical package is a compilation of core strategies to reduce a specific risk factor or prevent a...Prevention
Lived Experience Safeguard Guide and ScalePamphlet or Fact SheetIntegrating the experiences of individuals with lived or living experience in substance use disorder projects, campaigns, articles and activities brings invaluable authenticity and depth. When...Advocacy / Policy, Evaluation, Evidence-Based Practices, Program Implementation
Liver stiffness and associated risk factors among people with a history of injecting drugs: a prospective cohort studyJournal ArticleThis article examines the relationship between liver stiffness and substance use, along with other risk factors.Research
Long-Term Effectiveness and Cost-Effectiveness of Videoconference-Delivered Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Panic Disorder, and Social Anxiety Disorder in Japan: One-Year Follow-Up of a Single-Arm TrialJournal ArticleThe purpose of this study was to investigate the long-term effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of videoconference-delivered cognitive behavioral therapy (VCBT) for patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD),...Evidence-Based Practices, Research, Treatment
Long-Term Effects of Increasing Buprenorphine Treatment Seeking, Duration, and Capacity on Opioid Overdose Fatalities: A Model-Based AnalysisJournal ArticleORIGINAL RESEARCH Long-Term Effects of Increasing Buprenorphine Treatment Seeking, Duration, and Capacity on Opioid Overdose Fatalities: A Model-Based Analysis Stringfellow, Erin J. PhD; Lim, Tse...Advocacy / Policy, Research, Treatment
Long-Term Use of Benzodiazepines and Benzodiazepine-Related Drugs: A Register-Based Danish Cohort Study on Determinants and Risk of Dose EscalationJournal ArticleThe authors investigated the frequency and determinants of long-term use and risk of dose escalation of benzodiazepines and benzodiazepine-related drugs (benzodiazepine receptor agonists, or BZRAs).Research, Treatment
Mahidol University masters program in addiction studiesVideoPrapapun Chuchaeroen presents on her work developing a masters degree in addictions studies at Mahidol University in Thailand.Case Study, Program Implementation
Marijuana and hallucinogen use among young adults reached all time-high in 2021Print Media (i.e. newsletter or bulletin)Marijuana and hallucinogen use in the past year reported by young adults 19 to 30 years old increased significantly in 2021 compared to five and...Research
Master class on Motivational InterviewingVideoThis recording of a master class on motivational interviewing conducted by Igor Koutsenok, professor at the University of California, San Diego, uses various media to...Evidence-Based Practices, Treatment
Mayo 'mini brains' offer new ways to understand addictionReportsResearch
Medication-Assisted Treatment For Opioid Addiction in Opioid Treatment ProgramsBrochure
Methamphetamine Research ReportReportsResearch
Methodologies Mini-Course: Mobile Health Tobacco Interventions Among Low-Income SmokersCourseIn this SRNT-U Methodologies Mini-Course, you'll hear about Dr. Monica Webb Hooper's work with the use of mHealth for smoking cessation among low income African...Prevention, Research, Treatment
MLB, CBD brand Charlotte's Web form exclusive partnershipWebsite
Moderate Alcohol Consumption and Depression: A Marginal Structural Model Approach Promoting Causal InferenceJournal ArticleModerate alcohol consumption is associated with decreased risk for depression, but it remains unclear whether this is a causal relationship or a methodological artifact. To...Research
MONITORING THE FUTURE PANEL STUDY ANNUAL REPORT: National Data on Substance Use Among AdultsOther Monitoring the Future Panel Study annual report: National data on substance use among adults ages 19 to 60, 1976-2021. Monitoring the Future Monograph Series. University...Research
Monitoring the Future: NIDA Survey Results 2022ReportsResearch
Morbidity through 3 Years of Age in Children of Women Using Methamphetamine during Pregnancy: A National Registry StudyJournal ArticleResearch
Mortality and life-years lost following subsequent physical comorbidity in people with pre-existing substance use disorders: a national registry-based retrospective cohort study of hospitalised individuals in CzechiaJournal ArticleThis study aimed to investigate the risk of all-cause death and life-years lost following hospitalisation for 28 subsequent physical comorbid conditions in people with a...Research
Motivational InterviewingVideoPresented by Igor Koutsenok, MD, Univ of CA San Diego.Treatment
Mutationalprocessesof tobacco smokingand APOBECactivitygenerate protein-truncating mutations incancergenomesJournal ArticleCancer is driven by a few mutations that enable oncogenic properties of cells; This study found that smoking commercial tobacco is associated with changes to...Prevention, Research, Treatment
Narrative Review of Models and Success Factors for Scaling up Public Health InterventionsJournal ArticleScaling up evidence-based interventions is necessary to achieve public health goals, including substance use prevention and treatment. This study aims to identify success factors and...
Narrative Review of Models and Success Factors for Scaling up Public Health InterventionsJournal ArticleScaling up evidence-based interventions is necessary to achieve public health goals, including substance use prevention and treatment. This study aims to identify success factors and...Advocacy / Policy, Evaluation, Program Implementation
National Association for Alcohol and Drug Abuse CounselorsWebsiteThis website has many free webinars available on a variety of topics that are mostly aimed at addiction treatment professionals, but may be useful for...Advocacy / Policy, Program Implementation, Treatment
National Coalition InstituteWebsiteThe National Coalition Institute (NCI) provides training, Coalition Development Support, outreach, and Evaluation and Research services to support drug-free communities and we are excited to announce the...Evidence-Based Practices, Prevention, Program Implementation
National Institute of Justice Crime Solutions: Strengthening Families ProgramWebsiteThis is a family-based intervention that seeks to reduce substance use and other problem behaviors in youth ages 10–14. The program is rated Promising. Treatment...Prevention, Program Implementation, Research, Treatment
National Vital Statistics Report: Drug Overdose Mortality by Usual Occupation and Industry: 46 U.S. States and New York City, 2020ReportsThis report describes deaths from drug overdoses in 2020 in U.S. residents in 46 states and New York City by usual occupation and industry. Frequencies,...Research
National Voluntary Consensus Standards for the Treatment of Substance Use Conditions: Evidence-Based Treatment Practices: Evidence-Based Treatment PracticesReportsOver the past 15 years, scientific knowledge has increased substantially regarding the use of effective, evidence-based therapies for treating people with substance use conditions. As...Evaluation, Evidence-Based Practices, Program Implementation
Nature newsletter advice on teaching onlinePrint Media (i.e. newsletter or bulletin)Here is a link to another resource with advice about online teaching:  Program Implementation
Needs assessment and preparatory work for addiction science programs at universities: experiences of universities in South AfricaJournal Article<p><span style="font-family:open sans,sans-serif; font-size:17.6px">This paper discusses the results from the first formal needs assessment conducted in South Africa to identify university curriculum development needs for...Case Study, Evaluation, Evidence-Based Practices, Prevention, Program Implementation, Research, Treatment
New AI method for public health analysis shows trends in substance use among high schoolersJournal ArticleResearch
New Drugs, Old Misery: The Challenge of Fentanyl, Meth, and Other Synthetic DrugsReportsIf, in 2015, someone had told you that the number of overdose deaths caused solely by the two most historically lethal drugs—heroin and cocaine—would drop...Advocacy / Policy, Evaluation, Evidence-Based Practices, Prevention, Research, Treatment
New research reveals orexin antagonists as potential therapy for drug addictionOtherResearch
Next Generation of UPC Innovations for Broader DisseminationPresentation SlidesVision for UPC implementationPrevention
NIAAA 50th Anniversary Festschrift: A Look Back and A Look AheadJournal ArticleNIAAA’s 50th anniversary is truly a highlight in the history of public health. More than 5 decades ago, a group of researchers, advocates, and elected officials...Advocacy / Policy, Evaluation, Research
NIDA Abstracts DatabaseToolsSearch NIDA abstracts by researcher name, title, subject, country, region, and more.
NIDA Fellows World MapToolsNIDA International Program Fellows come from many countries around the world. Find the names of individual fellows and links to their journal articles indexed in...
NIDA Fellowships for Postdoctoral TrainingOther  Several opportunities are available for scientists who want postdoctoral research training and professional development opportunities. The majority of Fellowships offer a one-year training opportunity...
NIDA Grants and FundingOtherLocate the latest information about research priorities and progress, funding opportunities, research initiatives, and resources to support basic and clinical research addressing substance use disorders....
NIDA Hubert H. Humphrey Drug Use and Addiction Research FellowshipOtherInternational research and exchange collaborations contribute to advances in scientific understanding about drug use and addiction. To foster these exchanges, the National Institute on Drug...
NIDA News Release: Marijuana and hallucinogen use, binge drinking reached historic highs among adults 35 to 50Print Media (i.e. newsletter or bulletin)Past-year use of marijuana and hallucinogens by adults 35 to 50 years old continued a long-term upward trajectory to reach all-time highs in 2022, according...Research
NIDA Online Research ToolsToolsExplore research design tools, locate Open Access research evidence, find NIDA International fellowship alumni and poster presenters, and publish your research. These online tools help...
NIDA Strategic Plan 2022-2026Print Media (i.e. newsletter or bulletin)The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) is the lead federal agency supporting scientific research on drug use and addiction. After decades of research, we...Advocacy / Policy
NIH Guide to Grants and ContractsOtherFind Grant Funding The NIH Guide for Grants and Contracts is NIH's official publication of notices of grant policies, guidelines and funding opportunity announcements (FOAs)....
NIH launches harm reduction research network to prevent overdose fatalitiesJournal ArticlePrevention
Nonmedical Use of Stimulants Among Students in Jordan: A Nationwide StudyJournal ArticleObjectives: Nonmedical use (NMU) of stimulants is an increasingly common phenomenon worldwide. Motivated by enhancing academic performance, peer pressure, and seeking pleasure, students in the...Research
Normalization of Prevention Principles and Practices to Reduce Substance Use Disorders Through an Integrated Dissemination and Implementation FrameworkJournal ArticleMajor research breakthroughs over the past 30 years in the field of substance use prevention have served to: (1) enhance understanding of pharmacological effects on the...Prevention, Program Implementation
North Carolina pharmacists’ willingness to sell fentanyl test strips: a survey studyJournal ArticleAlthough fentanyl test strips (FTS) can accurately determine the presence of fentanyl in unregulated substances, access to FTS remains limited. This study aimed to examine...Research, Treatment
Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Model Programs GuideWebsiteThe Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention’s (OJJDP’s) Model Programs Guide (MPG) contains information about evidence-based juvenile justice and youth prevention, intervention, and reentry...Evaluation, Prevention, Program Implementation, Treatment
Online Learning Problem Solving Group 3Course Implementation
Online Problem Solving Group recordingCourseOnline Problem Solving Group: Implementation
Opening up the black box of recovery processes in persons with complex mental health needs: a qualitative study of place-making dynamics in a low-threshold meeting placeJournal ArticleBackground The recovery processes of persons with complex mental health needs take a slow and unpredictable course. Despite the fact that a number of essential...Research
Opioid Misuse and Associated Health Risks among Adults on Probation and Parole: Prevalence and Correlates 2015–2020Journal ArticleAs state legislatures work to reduce prison populations and increase the use of community-based alternatives, limited knowledge exists about the service needs of those under...Research, Treatment
Opioid Prevention CampaignImplementation ToolkitMid-America ATTC  (MATTC) partnered with the Ethnic Communities Opioid Response Network in Missouri, the Addiction Policy Forum, and the Opioid Response Network (ORN in IA,...Prevention
Opioid Use and NutritionOtherTwitter chat with experts on OUD and nutrition.Advocacy / Policy, Program Implementation, Research, Treatment
Opioid-Overdose Reduction Continuum of Care Approach (ORCCA): A Policymakers Guide to Implementing Evidence-Based Strategies that Address Opioid OverdoseReportsThe HEALing Communities Initiative, the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) and the NIH Helping to End Addiction Long-term (HEAL) Initiative® launched the Opioid-Overdose Reduction...Advocacy / Policy, Evidence-Based Practices, Research, Treatment
Outpatient Alcohol Withdrawal Management: A Tool for Global Practice SettingsToolsThis tool aims to summarize as simply and accurately as possible the must do’s for assessing and treating patients at risk of alcohol withdrawal across...Advocacy / Policy
Overdose deaths involving buprenorphine did not proportionally increase with new flexibilities in prescribingJournal ArticleResearch
Overdose mortality incidence and supervised consumption services in Toronto, Canada: an ecological study and spatial analysisJournal ArticleThis article looks at the association between Supervised Consumption Services and population-level overdose mortality.Prevention, Research, Treatment
Overdose Prevention and Response ToolkitToolsThis updated toolkit from SAMHSA provides guidance on opioid overdose reversal medications, addresses stimulant overdoses, and includes population-specific information. Anyone can now see how they...Evidence-Based Practices, Treatment
Overview of university-based academic programs in addiction studies in AfricaJournal ArticleCase Study, Evaluation, Research
Parenting and other potential protective factors associated with polysubstance use among public school students in Lagos, NigeriaJournal ArticleSubstance use is a growing problem in Nigeria. The present study extended recent work documenting the importance of parenting as protective against substance use in...Prevention, Research
Participation in methadone programs improves antiretroviral uptake and HIV viral suppression among people who inject drugs in KenyaJournal ArticleAbstract Background: HIV prevalence among people who inject drugs (PWID) in Kenya is estimated to be 18% compared to 4.5% in the general population. Studies from...Research
Partnerships Between Public Health and Public Safety to Reduce Drug OverdosesJournal ArticleA supplement to the Journal of Public Health Management and Practice The drug overdose crisis has greatly impacted communities across the country as deaths continue...Evidence-Based Practices, Research, Treatment
Patient Characteristics Associated with Opioid Abstinence after Participation in a Trial of Buprenorphine versus Injectable NaltrexoneJournal ArticleBetter understanding of predictors of opioid abstinence among patients with opioid use disorder (OUD) may help to inform interventions and personalize treatment plans. This analysis...Research, Treatment
Perspectives on Prescribing Opioids for Chronic Pain in Cancer SurvivorsWebsiteThe purpose of this study, part of NIDA Clinical Trials Network protocol CTN-0115, was to talk to different types of clinicians about their thoughts and...Research, Treatment
Pharmaceutical Care in the Treatment of Substance Use Disorders in Jordan: A Randomized Controlled TrialJournal ArticleBackground: Substance Use Disorder is a chronic relapsing disease that is characterized by compulsive drug seeking and use, despite harmful consequences. The aim of this...Treatment
Pharmacological approaches to methamphetamine dependence: a focused reviewJournal ArticleAbstract Methamphetamine dependence is a serious worldwide public health problem with major medical, psychiatric, socioeconomic and legal consequences. Various neuronal mechanisms implicated in methamphetamine dependence...Research
Placebo Response and Media Attention in Randomized Clinical Trials Assessing Cannabis-Based Therapies for Pain: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysisJournal ArticleQuestion  What is the size of the placebo response in cannabinoid trials for clinical pain, and is the magnitude of placebo response associated with media attention...Research, Treatment
Policy change to support development of academic program in addiction studies, and enhance addictionOtherWebinar presentations by Zall Kepli Md Rejab, Ph.D and Saddiqua Aishaa. The focus of the session is on policy change to support the development of...Program Implementation
Potential brain recovery of frontostriatal circuits in heroin users after prolonged abstinence: A preliminary studyJournal ArticleNeuroscientists have devoted efforts to explore potential brain recovery after prolonged abstinence in heroin users (HU). However, not much is known about whether frontostriatal circuits...Research, Treatment
Practical Guide for Implementing a Trauma-Informed ApproachToolsTreatment
Practice-driven Conceptual and Organizational Framework for Promoting the Adoption and Implementation of EBPPresentation SlidesEvidence-Based Practices, Program Implementation
Practicing What We Teach: Trauma-Informed Educational PracticeJournal ArticleThis article presents the starting case for applying the elements of trauma-informed care (TIC) to education and outlines the authors’ initial efforts to develop guidelines...Program Implementation
Preaddiction—A Missing Concept for Treating Substance Use DisordersJournal ArticleDespite decades of federal funding to develop and deliver treatments for individuals with serious addictions, treatment penetration rates are less than 20%.1 Facing a similar situation,...Program Implementation, Treatment
Predictors of COVID-19 vaccine uptake among people who use substances: a case study in TehranJournal ArticleThis case study surveyed adults in Tehran on Covid-19 vaccine uptake to look at the rate of vaccination among people using illcit substances.Case Study
Predictors of substance use disorder symptoms among women in Katsina State, NigeriaJournal ArticleProblems associated with substance use are on the rise among women in northern Nigeria, creating a need to understand factors contributing to this trend. Data on...Research
Predictors of substance use treatment initiation and engagement among adult and adolescent Medicaid recipientsJournal ArticleIt is important to understand patterns and predictors of initiation and engagement in treatment for Medicaid-covered individuals with substance use disorders because Medicaid is a...Research, Treatment
Preparing an Addiction Study Program Based on Learning OutcomesPresentation SlidesProvides guidance for addiction study program implementationCase Study, Program Implementation
Prescribed safer supply during dual public health emergencies: a qualitative study examining service providers perspectives on early implementationJournal ArticleThis article examines prescription safer supply programs and their ability to reduce overdoses, especially during public health emergencies like the Covid-19 pandemic.Evaluation, Evidence-Based Practices, Prevention
Presentation on getting published by Richard PatesVideoThis video is the kick off meeting of the first ICUDDR learning collaborative on getting scientific papers published. It covers the basics of writing and...Advocacy / Policy, Evaluation, Prevention, Program Implementation, Research, Treatment
Prevalence and clinical impact of alcohol withdrawal syndrome in alcohol-associated hepatitis and the potential role of prophylaxis: a multinational, retrospective cohort studyJournal ArticleThe prevalence and impact of alcohol withdrawal syndrome (AWS) in patients with alcohol-associated hepatitis (AH) are unknown. In this study, we aimed to investigate the...Research, Treatment
Prevalence of Alcohol in Unintentional Opioid Overdose Deaths, 2017-2020Journal ArticleAlthough there is substantial literature on opioid overdose deaths (OODs) and polysubstance use, involvement of alcohol in these deaths is less clear.  We investigated the...Research
Prevalence, correlates, and reasons for substance use among adolescents aged 10–17 in Ghana: a cross-sectional convergent parallel mixed-method studyJournal ArticleThis study examines substance use among adolescents in Ghana.Research
Prevención escolar del uso de sustancias psicoactivas - Retos en los tiempos del COVID-19OtherWebinar, presented in Spanish, by Fernando Salazar Silva, Ph.D., Professor Principal, Universidad Peruana Cayetano HerediaPrevention
Prevention and Treatment of Anxiety, Depression, and Suicidal Thoughts and Behaviors Among College StudentsToolsThis guide presents five evidence-based programs and practices that address the prevention and treatment of common mental health concerns: gatekeeper trainings, mindfulness-based stress reduction, acceptance...Advocacy / Policy, Evidence-Based Practices, Program Implementation
Prevention Education: UPC, Drug Prevention and Risk Behavior PreventionWebinarOriginally held on December 8, 2022, this webinar was presented by Helena Horálek from the Department of Addictology, Charles University, Prague.
Prevention Science and Its Application to Evidence-Based Substance Use Prevention Interventions and Policies - The Role of UniversitiesPresentation SlidesMaster Class: The importance of prevention in addiction studies and the need to implement programs in UniversitiesPrevention, Program Implementation
Prior Periods of Abstinence Among Adults With an Alcohol Use Disorder: A Qualitative Template AnalysisJournal ArticleResearch
Problematic alcohol use among gay, bisexual, and other men who have sex with men in Canada: the role of proximal stressors and anxietyJournal ArticleThis article examines the relationship between various stressors and problematic alcohol use among gay, bisexual, and other men who have sex with men. This study...Research
Problematic social media use and alcohol expectancies in early adolescentsJournal ArticleResearch
Procesos de Investigación y Apropiación Social del ConocimientoVideoEn Español Juan F. Herrera, Natalia Galeano, Ana M. Quiceno y Catalina Arango Escula Contra la Drogadicción, Gobernación de AntioquiaResearch
Psychoactive Substances and the Developing Brain: New Findings Underscore Prevention NeedPrint Media (i.e. newsletter or bulletin)Recent research on the brain is showing how the use of nicotine, alcohol, cannabis, and other psychoactive substances can impactthe developing brains of children. Evidence-based...Prevention, Research
Psychological interventions implementation manualOtherEvidence-based psychological interventions are an important part of health, social, protection and education services and can help increase access to effective mental health treatments and...Program Implementation
Psychometric Properties of Measures of Substance Use: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Reliability, Validity and Diagnostic Test AccuracyJournal ArticleEvaluation
Psychosocial Interventions for Older Adults With Serious Mental IllnessBrochureThe guide provides considerations and strategies for interdisciplinary teams, peer specialists, clinicians, registered nurses, behavioral health organizations, and policy makers in understanding, selecting, and implementing...Treatment
Publicacion de Articulos Cientificos Sobre la Reduccion de la Demanda DrogasOtherWebinario con Rodrigo Goycolea y Ariadne RiveraResearch
Publishing Addiction ScienceCoursePublishing Addiction Science:
Publishing Addiction Science - 30 November 2020OtherResearch
Publishing Addiction Science, series 2 final sessionCourse  Research
Publishing Addiction Science: Guide for the PerplexedOtherPublishing Addiction Science is a comprehensive guide for addiction scientists facing the complex process of contributing to scholarly journals. Written by an international group of addiction...Evaluation, Research
Quadruple pharmacotherapy for alcohol use disorder tolerable yet insufficient: a case reportJournal ArticleThis case study examines the use of multiple AUD medications for a patient and their ability to prevent a return to alcohol use.Case Study
Qualitative Exploration of the Experiences of People Who Use Captagon and Therapists in JordanJournal ArticleBackground: Captagon (Fenethylline) is an amphetamine type stimulant (ATS) and one of the most popular substances of use in the Middle East. This study aims...Research, Treatment
Quality Improvement in Addiction Treatment part oneVideoThis is part one of two videos of a training on quality improvement conducted by Kimberly Johnson for students at Charles University in Prague, Czech...Program Implementation, Treatment
Quality Improvement in Addiction Treatment part twoVideoThis is the second half of a day long training on quality improvement in addiction treatment provided by Kimberly Johnson to students at Charles University...Program Implementation, Treatment
Quitting Alcohol for HealthCourseWhat is alcohol dependence? How is alcohol consumption measured? Is there a definition for “moderate drinking”? To answer these questions and many more, WiRED International...Treatment
Race Differences in the Association Between Binge Drinking and Treatment Among First-Time Justice-System-Impacted YouthJournal ArticleWe aim to determine whether there are racial/ethnic differences in the association between binge drinking frequency and community-based alcohol treatment among justice-system-impacted adolescents and young...Research, Treatment
Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Emergency Department-Initiated Buprenorphine Across 5 Healthcare SystemsJournal ArticleOpioid overdose deaths have disproportionately impacted Black and Hispanic populations, in part due to disparities in treatment access. Emergency departments (EDs) serve as a resource...Advocacy / Policy, Evidence-Based Practices, Research, Treatment
Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Emergency Department-Initiated Buprenorphine Across 5 Healthcare SystemsJournal ArticleBackground Opioid overdose deaths have disproportionately impacted Black and Hispanic populations, in part due to disparities in treatment access. Emergency departments (EDs) serve as a...Research, Treatment
Racial/ethnic discrimination and tobacco and cannabis use outcomes among US adultsJournal ArticleRacial/ethnic discrimination (hereafter, discrimination) is associated with use of individual tobacco and cannabis products. However, we know little about how discrimination affects dual/polytobacco and cannabis...Research
Racial/ethnic disparities in timely receipt of buprenorphine among Medicare disability beneficiariesJournal ArticleMedicare disability beneficiaries (MDBs) have disproportionately high risk of opioid use disorder (OUD) and related harms given high rates of comorbidities and high-dose opioid prescribing....Research, Treatment
Rapid Initiation of Injection Naltrexone for Opioid Use Disorder: A Stepped-Wedge Cluster Randomized Clinical TrialJournal ArticleThis article examines the possibility of the rapid procedure for XR-naltrexone initiation. They found that the rapid procedure was noninferior to the standard procedure. Research, Treatment
Reason to worry about fentanyl in American schoolsOther
Reasons for Purchasing Cannabis From Illegal Sources in Legal Markets: Findings Among Cannabis Consumers in Canada and U.S. States, 2019–2020Journal ArticleNonmedical cannabis is legal in Canada and several U.S. states. Displacing the illegal market is a primary goal of legalization; however, there are little data...Research
Receipt of Telehealth Services, Receipt and Retention of Medications for Opioid Use Disorder, and Medically Treated Overdose Among Medicare Beneficiaries Before and During the COVID-19 PandemicJournal ArticleIn this cohort study including 175,778 beneficiaries, receipt of OUD-related telehealth services during the COVID-19 pandemic was associated with improved MOUD retention and lower odds...Treatment
Recommendations for future national Drug PoliciesBrochureBy the Working Group on establishing education and training programmes in the field of addictions.Advocacy / Policy, Research
Recreational cannabis legalization has had limited effects on a wide range of adult psychiatric and psychosocial outcomesJournal ArticleThe causal impacts of recreational cannabis legalization are not well understood due to the number of potential confounds. We sought to quantify possible causal effects...Research
Recreational Marijuana Legalization, Local Retail Availability, and Alcohol and Marijuana Use and Co-Use Among California High School StudentsJournal ArticleThis study examined whether recreational marijuana legalization (RML) and local retail availability were associated with marijuana and alcohol use and co-use among adolescents.Research
Relationship between alcohol use and firearm-involved suicide: Findings from the National Violent Death Reporting System, 2003-2020Journal ArticleAcute alcohol intoxication is a contributing factor in firearm-involved suicides. However, knowledge of the relationship between alcohol intoxication and firearm-involved suicide by age and sex...Research
Relationships Between Alcohol Policies and Infant Morbidities and InjuriesJournal ArticleThis article explores the relationship between population-level policies related to alcohol availability and alcohol use among pregnant individuals.Evaluation, Research
Reorganization of Substance Use Treatment and Harm Reduction Services During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Global SurveyJournal ArticleResearch, Treatment
Report to the Secretariat: World situation with regard to drug abuseOtherResearch
Researchers with Lived Experience: Closing the Research-to-Practice Gap in Substance Use Systems of CareWebsiteA pressing challenge to address the current overdose crisis is to facilitate the translation of evidence-based programs and practices into widespread use by communities (Blanco,...Prevention
Retos y desafíos en la formación del recurso humano en drohodependencias por parte de las UniversidadesPresentation SlidesChallenges in workforce development in addictions as it relates to UniversitiesProgram Implementation
Risks of returning to opioid use at treatment entry and early in opioid use disorder treatment: Role of non-opioid substancesJournal ArticlePatients in treatment with medications for opioid use disorder (MOUD) often report use of other substances in addition to opioids. Few studies exist that examine the relationship...Research, Treatment
Role of Competencies and Attitudes in Training for Family Prevention Programme FacilitatorsJournal ArticleResearch-supported family programmes are proven to be effective in reducing dysfunctional behaviours in youth. A fundamental role is played by professionals with high competence levels...Research
Safety of e-cigarettes and nicotine patches as stop-smoking aids in pregnancy: Secondary analysis of the Pregnancy Trial of E-cigarettes and Patches (PREP) randomized controlled trialJournal ArticleThis study explores the safety of e-cigarettes and nicotine patches for helping pregnant women quit smoking in England and Scotland. The authors concluded that regular...Research, Treatment
SAMHSA 2022 National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH)ReportsConducted annually, the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) provides nationally representative data on the use of tobacco, alcohol, and drugs; substance use...Advocacy / Policy, Case Study, Evaluation
SAMHSA Strategic Plan 2023-2026OtherThe 2023–2026 SAMHSA Strategic Plan presents a new person-centered mission and vision highlighting key guiding principles and presenting new priorities, goals, and objectives. To achieve...Evidence-Based Practices, Prevention, Research, Treatment
SAMHSA Strategic Prevention Framework Guide – In English and SpanishImplementation ToolkitSAMHSA developed the Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF). The five steps and two guiding principles of the SPF offer prevention planners a comprehensive approach to understanding...Evidence-Based Practices, Prevention
School’s Guide to ImplementationCourseAn interactive online course, which guides you through some key activities in the guidance report. The course contains two video case studies of schools that...Case Study, Program Implementation
Selecting Best-fit Programs and Practices: Guidance for Substance Misuse Prevention PractitionersPamphlet or Fact SheetPrevention
Self-reported narcissistic traits in patients with addiction through the lens of the ICD-11 model for personality disordersJournal ArticleResearch
Serving Alcohol to an “Obviously Intoxicated” PatronJournal ArticleThis article examines the rate of overservice of alcohol at on-premise establishments in the San Francisco Bay Area.
Should You Talk to Someone About a Drug, Alcohol, or Mental Health Problem? (Chinese)BrochureThis resource is in Chinese.   Lists questions consumers can ask themselves to help them decide whether to seek help for a substance abuse problem,...Prevention, Treatment
Should You Talk to Someone About a Drug, Alcohol, or Mental Health Problem? (Russian)BrochureThis resource is in Russian. Lists questions consumers can ask themselves to help them decide whether to seek help for a substance abuse problem, a...
Should You Talk to Someone About a Drug, Alcohol, or Mental Health Problem? (Vietnamese)BrochureThis resource is in Vietnamese. Lists questions consumers can ask themselves to help them decide whether to seek help for a substance abuse problem, a...Prevention, Treatment
Smoking changes adaptive immunity with persistent effectsJournal ArticleThis article discusses the impact of various factors on immune response, and finds smoking as a major contributor.Research
Society of Addiction Psychology Addiction Course Syllabus RepositoryWebsiteWe were thinking about developing a syllabus repository, but there is already one available. Please see the website for course syllabi for undergraduate and graduate...Program Implementation, Research, Treatment
Society of Addiction Psychology: American Psychological Association Division 50WebsiteCase Study, Program Implementation
Socioeconomic position indicators and risk of alcohol-related medical conditions: A national cohort study from SwedenJournal ArticleThis article examines the relationship between socioeconomic status and the development of alcohol-related health conditions in Sweden.Research
Sociology and public health: Perspectives for applicationJournal Article
Spanish University Postgraduate Training on Addictions: The Historic Development and its Current SituationJournal ArticleDrug dependence is a public health problem that requires trained professionals to effectively address this issue. The aim of this study was to analyze postgraduate...Treatment
State Cannabis Legalization and Cannabis Use Disorder in the US Veterans Health Administration, 2005 to 2019Journal ArticleIn this observational study of sequential yearly Veterans Health Administration electronic health record data from 2005 to 2019, CUD rates increased from 1.38% to 2.25%...Research
State Cannabis Legalization and Psychosis-Related Health Care UtilizationJournal ArticleObjective  To evaluate the association of state medical and recreational cannabis laws and commercialization with rates of psychosis-related health care utilization. Main Outcomes and Measures  Outcomes were...Research
State Opioid Treatment Program Regulations Put Evidence-Based Care Out of Reach for ManyPrint Media (i.e. newsletter or bulletin)Opioid treatment programs (OTPs) are the only health care facilities that can offer patients all three forms of medication for opioid use disorder: methadone, buprenorphine,...Advocacy / Policy, Evidence-Based Practices, Research, Treatment
Strategic Prevention FrameworkOtherTwitter Chat with Augie Diana, PhD, on the Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF)Prevention
Students’ Experience with the Online Course in Prevention Science in Two Distinct University Settings: A Pilot StudyJournal ArticleIn this study, researchers surveyed students following the pilot launch of the online INEP curriculum. This course was offered in February of 2022 and 2023...Prevention, Program Implementation
Studying the Effect of the Unplugged Prevention Programme on Children Whose Mothers Report Drinking More Than WeeklyJournal ArticlePrevention
Substance Use Disorders and Type 2 Diabetes: Integration of Evidence-Based Diabetes Care to Promote Quality Health Outcomes WebinarISSUP, ICUDDR, and IntNSA invite you to their recently concluded collaborative webinar for World Diabetes Day 2023.    Research, Treatment
Substance Use Disorders Keys To Education: Increasing Access to Science-Based Substance Use ContentToolsThe Substance Use Disorders Keys to Education Product (SUD Keys) was designed for educators, clinical supervisors, and recovery support specialists with the goal of increasing...Program Implementation
Substance, use in relation to COVID-19: A scoping reviewJournal ArticleBackground: We conducted a scoping review focused on various forms of substance use amid the pandemic, looking at both the impact of substance use on...Research
Substances in Counterfeit Prescription Pills Seized by Law Enforcement, 2017-2022OtherThis research letter discusses the findings of law enforcement agenices in Rhoad Island, United States. These agencies were examining counterfeit pills and testing to see...Case Study, Research, Treatment
Suggestions about treatment, care and rehabilitation of people with drug use disorder in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic BrochureUNODC developed document on maintaining treatment continuity in the context of the Covid 19 pandemicProgram Implementation, Treatment
Supporting perinatal individuals with opioid use disorder and their newborns experiencing neonatal abstinence syndrome: impressions from patients and healthcare providersJournal ArticleFacilitating maternal-newborn involvement and care is critical for improving outcomes for perinatal individuals receiving opioid agonist therapy (OAT) and newborns experiencing Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS)....Research
Supporting students through COVID 19VideoCary Hopkins Eyles presents a webinar on how to be supportive of students during these difficult times. Using Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, she outlines ways...Program Implementation
Suspected inappropriate use of prescription and non-prescription drugs among requesting customers: A Saudi community pharmacists’ perspectiveJournal ArticleBackground: Inappropriate use of medications is a global health concern, and this is attributed to the increased accessibility to prescription and non-prescription (over-the-counter) drugs at...Research
Synthesising evidence of the effects of COVID-19 regulatory changes on methadone treatment for opioid use disorder: implications for policyJournal ArticleAs the USA faces a worsening overdose crisis, improving access to evidence-based treatment for opioid use disorder (OUD) remains a policy priority. Federal regulatory changes...Advocacy / Policy, Research, Treatment
Take-home Naloxone at Opioid Treatment Programs: A LifesaverJournal ArticleThis editorial describes the various organizations, medical societies, and governmental agencies who may consider making robust actionable recommendations regarding naloxone for persons with opioid use...Advocacy / Policy
TAP 21-A Competencies for Substance Abuse Treatment Clinical Supervisors OtherThis 72 page document includes implementation guidelines, foundation areas, performance domains, and a bilbiography. Part of SAMHSA's Technical Assistance Publication (TAP) Series.Treatment
TAP 21: Addiction Counseling CompetenciesOtherThis guide enhances the competencies of substance use disorder treatment counselors. It discusses patient assessment and screening, treatment planning, referral, service coordination, counseling, family and...Evaluation
TAP 32: Clinical Drug Testing in Primary CareOtherThis manual offers guidance to clinicians on implementing drug testing in their practice. It presents the mechanics of testing and outlines steps for preparing staff.Prevention, Treatment
TAP 33: Systems-Level Implementation of Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT)OtherThis guide describes core elements of screening, brief intervention, and referral to treatment (SBIRT) programs for people living with or at risk for substance use...Treatment
Ten Simple Rules to becoming a principle investigatorJournal ArticleThis is a fun article that is open source and helpful for junior faculty or students thinking they want to go into research.Research
The association between temperature and alcohol- and substance-related disorder hospital visits in New York StateJournal ArticleLimited evidence exists on how temperature increases are associated with hospital visits from alcohol- and substance-related disorders, despite plausible behavioral and physiological pathways. In the...Prevention, Research, Treatment
The Case for Behavioral Health Screening in HIV Care SettingsReportsThe report highlights the need for HIV treatment providers to address behavioral health concerns with HIV. The report urges providers to start with screening for...Prevention, Treatment
The Center for Collegiate Recovery Communities (CRC) ModelWebinarCRC assists people in recovery in their reintegration to society by increasing their recovery capital throughout the continuum of care. Founded in 1986, Texas Tech...Treatment
The Coronavirus Threat: Key Topics in Infection ControlWebsiteWired International Health Education and Information
The cost of opioid use disorder-related conditions in MedicareJournal ArticleMedicare coverage excludes some levels of substance use disorder (SUD) care, such as intensive outpatient and residential treatment. Expanding access to SUD treatment could increase...Advocacy / Policy, Treatment
The Culture of PreventionWebsiteBy Zili Sloboda, Sc.D., President,Applied Prevention Science International, & Susan B. David, M.P.H., Vice President, Applied Prevention Science InternationalPrevention
The dopamine 3 receptor as a candidate biomarker and therapeutic for opioid use disorderJournal ArticleThis article argues that the dopamine 3 receptor could serve as a biomarker for opioid use disorder.Research, Treatment
The Effect of Vaping on Your Teeth, Gums & Oral HealthPamphlet or Fact SheetResearch
The effectiveness of diversion programmes for offenders using Class A drugs: a systematic review and meta-analysisJournal ArticleAbstract Aims: To review existing evidence on effectiveness of community-based diversion programmes for Class A drug-using offenders.Research, Treatment
The facts about BuprenorphineBrochureThis 16 page booklet, created by SAMHSA, provides an overview and includes resources for more information and resources for help.Prevention, Research, Treatment
The Facts About Buprenorphine for Treatment of Opioid Addiction (Vietnamese)BrochureThis reosurce is in Vietnamese. This brochure informs patients about buprenorphine and medication-assisted treatment for opioid use disorder. It describes addiction and withdrawal, how buprenorphine...Treatment
The global movement towards a public health approach to substance use disordersJournal ArticlePrevention, Research, Treatment
The global movement towards a public health approach to substance use disordersJournal ArticleDrug misuse is a global problem. Markets that supply illegal drugs often span international borders. However, each country has different primary drugs of use, populations...Advocacy / Policy, Case Study, Research
The Howard Street Method: A Community Pharmacy-Led Low Dose Overlap Buprenorphine Initiation Protocol for Individuals Using FentanylJournal ArticleBuprenorphine treatment significantly reduces morbidity and mortality for people with opioid use disorder. Fear of precipitated withdrawal remains a barrier to starting buprenorphine for patients...Research, Treatment
The Impact of Menthol Cigarette Bans: A Systematic Review and Meta-AnalysisJournal ArticleThis article examines the impact of banning menthol cigarette sales in the US. It found that bans did promote cessation.Advocacy / Policy, Evidence-Based Practices, Prevention
The Next Step Toward a Better Life (Chinese version)BrochureThis resource is in Chinese. Describes the stages of recovery from alcohol and drug abuse and what to expect after leaving detoxification services. Offers guidance...Treatment
The Next Step Toward a Better Life (Russian version)BrochureThis resource is in Russian. Describes the stages of recovery from alcohol and drug abuse and what to expect after leaving detoxification services. Offers guidance...Treatment
THE ORIGIN, DEVELOPMENT, AND CURRENT STATUS OF THE HEALTH PROFESSION OF AN ADDICTOLOGIST IN THE CZECH REPUBLIC IN THE BROADER CONTEXT OF THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE ADDICTOLOGY FIELDJournal ArticleThis article describes the process of development of a new profession of Addictology and the education programs designed to support the profession including competencies and...Program Implementation
The Pretrial Detention Penalty: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Pretrial Detention and Case OutcomesJournal ArticleIt has long been argued that defendants detained pretrial face more severe case outcomes than released defendants. Considering the magnitude, directionality, and significance of these...Research
The prevalence of cannabis use disorders in people who use medicinal cannabis: A systematic review and meta-analysisJournal ArticleThis article is a systematic review examining the prevelance of cannabis use disorder among medicinal cannabis users, compared to that of recreational users.Research
The Role of Law Enforcement Officers in Drug Use Prevention within School SettingsReportsUNODC, a Guiding Document This guiding document primarily aims to improve the effectiveness of pre-existing and ongoing work of Law Enforcement Officers (LEO) involved in...Prevention
The Role of Qualitative Research in Addiction ScienceVideoWebinar on The Role of Qualitative Research in Addiction Science with Dr. Richard Pates, Editor in Chief, Journal of Substance Use.  Research
The Role of Sociology in Health AffairsOther
The SEED Method for Stakeholder EngagementToolsThe SEED Method engages community stakeholders -- such as patients, caregivers, advocates, and health professionals -- through collaborative, participatory, and consultative processes to develop and...Case Study, Evaluation, Program Implementation, Research
The Status of Quality Standards and Quality Improvement Content in Specialty Addiction Studies Programs: What our learners are exposed to-ReportsInternationally, there is increased interest in enhanced access to quality care (i.e., evidence-based prevention and treatment) for substance use. ICUDDR surveyed its membership to assess...Evidence-Based Practices, Program Implementation, Research
The trajectory of two negative symptom dimensions in first-episode psychosis and the role of cannabis use: A 10-year follow-up studyJournal ArticleObjective To investigate the trajectories of diminished expression and apathy over 10 years. Further, to explore the effects of baseline- and persistent cannabis use on the development of...Research
The Use of the Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test - Consumption as an Indicator of Hazardous Alcohol Use among University StudentsJournal ArticleThe social acceptance of alcohol consumption promotes a culture of drinking among college students. In most countries, university life also coincides with the legal age...Evidence-Based Practices, Prevention, Research, Treatment
The WHO ASSIST package for hazardous and harmful substance useToolsThe ASSIST package, which consists of a brief questionnaire, a guide for health professionals on how to use the questionnaire in detecting and responding to...Treatment
Tip 27: Comprehensive Case Management for Substance Abuse TreatmentBrochureThis guide presents an overview of case management for substance use disorder treatment providers. It discusses models, program evaluation, managed care issues, referral and service...Treatment
TIP 33: Treatment for Stimulant Use DisordersBrochureThis updated TIP reviews what is known about treating the medical, psychiatric, and SUD-related problems associated with the use of cocaine and methamphetamine, as well...Treatment
TIP 35: Enhancing Motivation for Change in Substance Use Disorder TreatmentPamphlet or Fact SheetThis updated TIP includes the latest evidence on motivation-enhancing approaches and strategies. It describes how substance use disorder treatment providers can use these approaches and...Evidence-Based Practices, Treatment
TIP 40: Clinical Guidelines for the Use of Buprenorphine in the Treatment of Opioid AddictionBrochureProvides consensus- and evidence-based guidance on the use of buprenorphine. Addresses screening and assessment and offers detailed protocols for opioid addiction treatment with buprenorphine, including...Treatment
TIP 41: Substance Abuse Treatment: Group TherapyBrochureThis TIP, Substance Abuse Treatment: Group Therapy, presents an overview of the role and efficacy of group therapy in substance abuse treatment planning. This TIP offers research...Treatment
TIP 43 Curriculum: Medication-Assisted Treatment For Opioid Addiction in Opioid Treatment Programs Inservice TrainingBrochureThis training manual provides counselors and other clinical staff with scripted modules and handouts to use in trainings for Treatment Improvement Protocol (TIP) 43: Medication-Assisted...Program Implementation, Treatment
TIP 49: Incorporating Alcohol Pharmacotherapies Into Medical Practice: A Review of the Literature — Updates*BrochureThe following updates were developed to keep current the literature review component of Treatment Improvement Protocol (TIP) 49, Incorporating Alcohol Pharmacotherapies Into Medical Practice, published...Treatment
TIP 51 Quick Guide: Substance Abuse Treatment: Addressing the Specific Needs Of WomenBrochureThis Quick Guide accompanies the treatment improvement guidelines set forth in, Substance Abuse Treatment: Addressing the Specific Needs of Women, number 51 in the Treatment...Treatment
TIP 52: Clinical Supervision and Professional Development of the Substance Abuse CounselorBrochureThis manual presents guidelines for clinical supervision in the substance use disorder treatment field. It covers supervision methods and models, cultural competence, ethical and legal...Program Implementation
TIP 53: Addressing Viral Hepatitis in People With Substance Use DisordersBrochure
TIP 54: Managing Chronic Pain in Adults With or in Recovery From Substance Use DisordersBrochureThis guide equips clinicians with information for treating chronic pain in adults living with a history of substance use. The guide discusses chronic pain management,...Treatment
TIP 56 Quick Guide for Clinicians: Addressing the Specific Behavioral Health Needs of MenBrochureThis Quick Guide provides succinct, easily accessible information to behavioral health clinicians about the specific treatment needs of men with substance use disorders (SUDs). The...Treatment
TIP 56: Addressing the Specific Behavioral Health Needs of MenBrochureThis guide addresses specific treatment needs of adult men living with substance use disorders. It reviews gender-specific research and best practices, such as common patterns...Treatment
TIP 57: Trauma-Informed Care in Behavioral Health ServicesBrochureThis manual helps behavioral health professionals understand the impact of trauma on those who experience it. The manual discusses patient assessment and treatment planning strategies....Treatment
TIP 60: Using Technology-Based Therapeutic Tools in Behavioral Health ServicesBrochureThis manual assists clinicians with implementing technology-assisted care. It highlights the importance of using technology-based assessments and interventions in behavioral health treatment services. The manual...Treatment
TIP 63: Medications for Opioid Use DisorderBrochureThis Treatment Improvement Protocol (TIP) reviews the use of the three Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved medications used to treat OUD—methadone, naltrexone, and buprenorphine—and the...Treatment
Tobacco AddictionJournal ArticleSmoking addiction causes substantial illness and death; morbidity and mortality are markedly reduced with cessation. Effective treatments for smoking addiction include medications and counseling.Research, Treatment
Top Health Issues for LGBT Populations: Information & Resource KitToolsThis kit equips prevention professionals, health care providers, and educators with information on health issues among the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) population. It...Program Implementation
Training for Trainers in Addressing Psychological Trauma in Combat Veterans and POWs in UkraineVideo Ukraine TTC Training The Ukraine ITTC in collaboration with Charles University, 1st Faculty of Medicine, Department of Addictology, and the University of California San Diego,...Evidence-Based Practices, Treatment
Trauma exposure across the lifespan among individuals engaged in treatment with medication for opioid use disorder: differences by gender, PTSD status, and chronic painJournal ArticleThis article examines lifetime trauma exposure among individuals seeking OUD treatment in Washington State, United States.Treatment
Treatment for Opioid Use Disorder: Population Estimates — United States, 2022Journal ArticleIn 2022, the United States reported 81,806 opiod overdose deaths, which is the highest ever recorded. Data showed that 3.7% of U.S. adults needed opiod...Prevention, Research
Treatment of Drug Use Disorders and Associated Mental Health Disorders in Prison Settings and Forensic HospitalsPamphlet or Fact SheetThis conference room paper was prepared by UNODC following various requests from Member States for technical assistance on treatment of drug use disorders and associated...Treatment
Treatment of Drug Use Disorders and Associated Mental Health Disorders in Prison Settings and Forensic HospitalsJournal ArticleThis conference room paper was prepared by UNODC following various requests from Member States for technical assistance on treatment of drug use disorders and associated...Research, Treatment
Trends and Characteristics of Buprenorphine-Involved Overdose Deaths Prior to and During the COVID-19 PandemicJournal ArticleKey Points Question  Did buprenorphine-involved overdose deaths change after implementing prescribing flexibilities during the COVID-19 pandemic? Findings  In this cross-sectional study including 74?474 opioid-involved overdose deaths, buprenorphine...Case Study, Evaluation, Evidence-Based Practices, Treatment
Trends in Out-of-Pocket Costs for and Characteristics of Pharmacy-Dispensed Buprenorphine Medications for Opioid Use Disorder Treatment by Type of Payer, 2015 to 2020Journal ArticleIn this cross-sectional study of all-payer pharmaceutical data, findings showed that while mean daily out-of-pocket costs for buprenorphine decreased between 2015 and 2020, costs continued...Advocacy / Policy, Treatment
Twitter Chat: Building Strength and Resilience During the COVID-19 Pandemic - A Focus on ParentsOtherICUDDR in conversation with Dr. Hendree Jones, Professor at UNC Depertment of Obstetrics and Executive Director of UNC Horizons. Treatment
Uganda Enrichment Session 2CourseAdvocacy / Policy, Program Implementation, Treatment
Uganda Enrichment Session 3 and GraduationCourseTreatment
Uganda Enrichment training Nov 2020CourseUganda Enrichment:
Ukraine Workforce Needs AssessmentJournal ArticleThis is a report on the methods and findings from a work force needs assessment conducted by the Ukraine ITTC. It is useful for ITTCs,...Case Study, Program Implementation, Research
UN Toolkit on Synthetic Drugs: Public-Private PartnershipsToolsDue to their capacity to leverage resources, expertise and innovation from both public and private sectors, public-private partnerships (PPPs) offer a variety of responses to...Evidence-Based Practices, Prevention, Treatment
Understanding the role of financial capacity in the delivery of opioid use disorder treatmentJournal ArticleOpioid treatment programs must have adequate financial capacity to sustain operations and deliver a high standard of care for individuals suffering from opioid use disorder....Advocacy / Policy, Research
United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime DataWebsiteUNODC website with good mapping data on drug use trends and more using Tableau.Research
United Nations Toolkit on Synthetic DrugsToolsUpdate: The toolkit is now available in all six official UN languages - Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian, and Spanish. The UN Toolkit on Synthetic Drugs supports the international community to implement comprehensive...Evidence-Based Practices, Prevention, Research, Treatment
Universal Prevention Curriculum Substance Use (UPC) CurriculumUNIVERSAL PREVENTION CURRICULUM FOR SUBSTANCE USE (UPC) This training series provides implementers with an in-depth knowledge and skills related to content, structure, effective delivery, and...
Universal Treatment Curriculum for Substance Use (UTC)CurriculumUTC Curriculum UNIVERSAL TREATMENT CURRICULUM FOR SUBSTANCE USE (UTC) Basic Level The Basic Level UTC consists of eight courses that cover the broad spectrum of...
University World NewsWebsiteUniversity World News comprises a network of some five dozen education journalists based in more than two dozen countries, with representation in all regions. Their journalists...
UNODC data on drug useWebsiteUNODC had created a website where you can create infographics and download data on drug use from many countries and regions of the world.Research
UNODC Executive Summary: Impact of COVID-19 Policy ImplicationsOtherAdvocacy / Policy
UNODC Listen FirstWebsiteUNODC developed these materials on parenting during the pandemic. They are designed to support parents under stress during the Covid 19 pandemic, but should be...Prevention
UNODC Listen FirstVideoA UNODC drug use prevention initiative that promotes the well-being of children and youth, their families and their communities.   The three videos shared in...Advocacy / Policy, Prevention
UNODC Report - Effects of COVID on Homicide and Property Crime - December 2020Pamphlet or Fact SheetResearch
UNODC WHO Normas internacionales para el tratamiento de trastornos por consumo de drogasReportsEvidence-Based Practices
UNODC/WHO International Standards for the Treatment of Drug Use Disorders - Ukrainian Translation (Unofficial)BrochureInternational Standards for the Treatment of Drug Use Disorders (hereinafter referred to as the “Standards”) is the result of joint work of UNODC and WHO...Program Implementation, Treatment
UNODC: What crime and helpline data say about the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on reported violence against women and girlsPamphlet or Fact SheetResearch
Urdu translation and psychometric properties of WHO-Five Wellbeing Index among male patients with substance use disorders in PakistanJournal ArticleThe study aims to translate and adapt the WHO-Five Wellbeing Index (WHO-5) into the Urdu language and then determine its psychometric properties.Research
Urine Drug Screening on Labor And DeliveryJournal ArticleSubstance use including opioids, methamphetamines, benzodiazepines, and barbiturates during pregnancy is harmful for the pregnant person and the fetus. Routine screening using validated questionnaires is...Research
Using Standardized Client Simulations to Train Behavioral Health Providers: Advantages and ConsiderationsReportsTreatment
UTC 1: Introduction to the Science of AddictionCourseUniversal Treatment Curriculum (UTC) Self Led Course These trainings will provide you with a comprehensive overview of the nature of change and an understanding of...Research
UTC 2: Continuum of Care for Addiction ProfessionalsCourseUniversal Treatment Curriculum (UTC) Self Led Course These trainings will provide you with a comprehensive overview of the nature of change and an understanding of...Treatment
UTC 3: Common Co-Occurring Mental and Medical DisordersCourseUniversal Treatment Curriculum (UTC) Self Led Course These trainings will provide you with a comprehensive overview of the nature of change and an understanding of...Program Implementation, Treatment
UTC 4: Basic Counseling Skills for Addiction ProfessionalsCourseUniversal Treatment Curriculum (UTC) Self Led Course These trainings will provide you with a comprehensive overview of the nature of change and an understanding of...Program Implementation, Treatment
UTC 6: Case Management for Addiction ProfessionalsCourseUniversal Treatment Curriculum (UTC) Self Led Course These trainings will provide you with a comprehensive overview of the nature of change and an understanding of...Program Implementation, Treatment
UTC 7: Crisis Intervention for Addiction ProfessionalsCourseUniversal Treatment Curriculum (UTC) Self Led Course These trainings will provide you with a comprehensive overview of the nature of change and an understanding of...
UTC 8: Ethics for Addiction ProfessionalsCourseUniversal Treatment Curriculum (UTC) Self Led Course These trainings will provide you with a comprehensive overview of the nature of change and an understanding of...Treatment
UTC Academic Adaptation & Shift to Online TrainingCourse'UTC Academic Adaptation & the Shift to Online Training' Webinar: Study, Program Implementation
UTC training in UkraineVideoThis video describes the project of training medical professionals in Ukraine on the universal treatment curriculum. It is in Ukrainian with English subtitles.Treatment
Validation of Two Diagnostic Assessments for Opioid and Stimulant Use Disorder for Use by Non-CliniciansJournal ArticleThe United States is in the fourth wave of the opioid epidemic marked by the increase in fentanyl and co-occurring stimulant use related overdose deaths....Research, Treatment
VCU Libraries Drugs and Alcohol: Open Access to ResearchWebsiteThis website provides access to a curated group of open access journals that focus on substance use issues.Evaluation, Prevention, Program Implementation, Research, Treatment
Vital Signs: Progress Toward Eliminating HIV as a Global Public Health Threat Through Scale-Up of Antiretroviral Therapy and Health System Strengthening Supported by the U.S. President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief — Worldwide, 2004–2022ReportsSince 2004, PEPFAR has scaled up effective ART to approximately 20 million persons with HIV infection in 54 countries. To eliminate HIV as a global...Advocacy / Policy, Evidence-Based Practices, Program Implementation, Treatment
WashU, pharmacy scientists alter fentanyl, aim to make it less lethal, less addictiveOtherResearch
Webinar on accrediting university addiction counselor education programsVideoIn this session, the presenters will review/discuss: * NAADAC’s work to create higher education standards in substance use education * Development of standards * Overview...Evaluation, Program Implementation, Treatment
What features of drug treatment programs help, or not, with access? a qualitative study of the perspectives of family members and community-based organization staff in Atlantic CanadaJournal ArticleThis article discusses access to treatment programs from the perspective of family members.Evidence-Based Practices, Treatment
What’s Trending: Youth Prescription Drug MisusePamphlet or Fact SheetThis is a part of CADCA's "What's Trending" pamphlet series.Prevention
WHO Global Index Medicus (GIM)WebsiteFrom site: "The Global Index Medicus provides universal access to biomedical and public health literature produced by and within low-middle income countries. The main objective...Advocacy / Policy, Evaluation, Prevention, Program Implementation, Research, Treatment
Women and AlcoholPrint Media (i.e. newsletter or bulletin)Informational sheet based on research about women and consumption of alcohol. Prevention, Research
Women and Smoking SeminarCourseWhile men are currently more likely to smoke than women, this sex/gender gap is narrowing globally. This is especially concerning given that compared to men,...Research, Treatment
Women Imprisoned with Substance Use Disorders: The Treatment Rehabilitation Services AgendaOtherTreatment
Women's Health in Focus at NIHJournal ArticleOn International Women’s Day, March 8, 2023, the Economist Impact organization released a white paper titled Sex, Gender and the Brain: Towards an Inclusive Research...Case Study, Research, Treatment
World Drug Report 2022WebsiteConsisting of five separate booklets, the World Drug Report 2022 provides an in-depth analysis of global drug markets and examines the nexus between drugs and...Advocacy / Policy, Case Study, Research
World Mental Health International College Student Project Presentation SlidesWorld Health Org World Mental Health Intl College Student initiative is aimed at developing and implementing a system for improving prevention and early interventions for...Prevention
World Report in regard to drug traffickingPamphlet or Fact SheetResearch
Xylazine effects on opioid-induced brain hypoxiaVideoXylazine has emerged in recent years as an adulterant in an increasing number of opioid-positive overdose deaths in the United States. Although its exact role...Case Study, Prevention, Research